Contests Just for Kids

kid happySurprise Us!

Upload a photo of something that makes you happy! Can't decide what to pick? Then upload up to 2 photos.

SUBMIT ENTRY(ies) (September 14-20)

VOTE (September 21-26)

My Least Fkid vegetables kidsavourite Garden Vegetable

We're sure you like all vegetables, but just in case you don't, take a photo of the vegetable from your garden or otherwise (purchased at a farmer's market, etc) that you like the least.  Be sure to tell us what it is when you are uploading your photo. Of course, if you happen to dislike 2 vegetables, submit photos of both. May enter up to 2 photos.

SUBMIT ENTRY(IES) (August 24-30)

VOTE (August 31-September 5)

Nature's Find(s)kids nature find

Have you been out walking? Did you take pictures of interesting things you discovered? We"d love to see them! Be sure to tell us a little about it while you are uploading your picture. You may submit up to 3 different 'finds'

SUBMIT ENTRY(ies) (August 17-August 23)

VOTE (August 24-29)

My Favourite Gardkid sunfloweren Flower(s)

Take a photo of your favourite garden flower. If you don't have a garden, you can draw and colour a picture of a garden flower.If you can't decide on your favourite, then pick more. You may submit up to 3 photos of different flowers but be sure to name each flower.

SUBMIT ENTRY(ies) (August 10-16)

VOTE (August 17-22)

kid petshowFun with Your Pet(s)!

Upload a picture of your pet - dressed up (and you can be too). Don't worry, if your pet doesn't want to be dressed up...just send in the photo. We'll be happy to see it. If you don't have a pet, send in a drawing you have made of a pet. Can't decide on a favourite? Then send of to 3 photos of DIFFERENT pets that you have.

SUBMIT ENTRY (July 27-August 2)

VOTE (August 3-8)

kid critterCreepy Crawlers and Much More....

A photo (or drawing) of your choosing from the world of nature such as insects, butterflies, frogs, toads, snakes, etc. (no flowers, trees or plants) We're sure you will get the idea. Submit up to 3 photos and be sure to identify each.

SUBMIT ENTRY (July 20-26)

VOTE (July 27-August 1)

Crafts, Artwork ankid craft newd More!

What have you been creating, drawing, painting, etc? We'd love to see your artwork and all crafts. If you're okay with it, please add your age after your name when you make your entry. You may enter photos of up to 4 different items.

SUBMIT ENTRY (July 13-19)

VOTE (July 20-25)

Kitchen Adventureskid baking child

What have you been baking or cooking? Have you learned something new? Send in a photo of something that turned out well, or maybe it didn't. Tell us about your experiences. You may send up to 3 photos and each can be a different item you have been making.

SUBMIT ENTRY (July 6-12)

VOTE (July 13-18)

HOW TO VOTE: Click on the VOTE button, then click on the photo you wish to vote for. That entire picture will come up and you will see the 'vote' button at the bottom. You can only vote once per contest.