Drumbo Fair "Simply Country - simply fun! - simply online" - Keeping in Touch with our Exhibitors and Friends

We really wanted to see what projects you have been working on and what your gardens look like. The end result - weekly online contests that will run from early July until the end of September (would have been Fair weekend).



No membership fees to be paid.  No prize money.

Most contests will allow for up to 3 entries. Check individual contests.

Each contest runs for 2 weeks: the 1st week allows for entries to be uploaded and the 2nd week allows for voting.

All ages are welcome to enter. There are 2 categories: one for all ages and one for kids, age 16 and under.

Photos of your exhibit: if possible, place small items on something white, i.e. a sheet, towel, paper, etc. It will make for a better picture.

Everyone is entitled to vote once for their favourite in each contest. You can't vote for your own entry. At the completion of each contest, the photo with most votes will be shown as 'People's Choice'.


All contests are listed on the fair's website.

A new contest will be posted for each category - all and kids - every Monday.

When ready to enter a contest click  Go to this link in the contests menu to submit.

*Photos must be under 4 MB*

You will have to enter the following information:

  • name of contest
  • Your name: (please either enter your full name (i.e. John Smith) or, first name and first initial of last name (i.e. John S.). Children may wish to add their age (i.e. John S. age 5).
  • Your email address
  • Details about your entry. Some contests will ask / require you to do this
  • Upload your photo. *Photos must be under 4 MB.* (You will need to resize if over this size)

Questions or need a little help, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We'll be happy to help you!


The item shown as a picture, i.e. a quilt, may be shown at 2021 fair.

All photos will be displayed on the fair's website. "People's Choice" photos will also appear on our Facebook page and Instagram.

Material deemed inappropriate will be removed.

Other types of contests / displays etc. may be announced.

We miss you and your exhibits and know that you will want to share what you have been working on this past year. Let's have some fun!