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Committee: Judi Meadows (Chair) 519-463-5463, Elaine Campbell, Linda Clare, Bonnie Csinos, Diane Helmuth, Noreen Jones, Vera Kirby, Norma Mordue, Rhonda Otte, Gary & Judy Stephenson, Jean Shoemaker, Laura Taylor and Jane Van Weerdhuizen.


  1. Entries will be received on Thursday from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. and remain in place until 4:30 p.m. Sunday.
  3. Judges of this class are authorized by the directors of the Society to disqualify all old, soiled and defaced work, and instructed to award prizes to new and up-to-date work. In case of no competition, unless the work is worthy, the prize money will be withheld.
  4. Organizations showing a display must enter in the open classes.
Entries must be solely made and quilted by the exhibitor unless otherwise indicated.
Quilts to be measured on the perimeter (total perimeter measurement to be a  minimum of 324" or 810 cm) and hand quilted to be eligible for the OAAS Quilt competition. Name of quilt pattern to be included on the entry tag.
Machine-Quilted Quilt/Wall Hanging to be measured on the perimeter (total perimeter measurement to be a minimum of 192" or 480 cm) to be eligible for the OAAS competition. Articles may be square, rectangular, etc.
If an exhibitor does not wish his/her entries to compete in the OAAS competition, please indicate on back of entry tag.
Please refer to the OAAS information section for more details.


Each year the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) showcase the Quilting section of each fair by sponsoring two Provincial Grand Champion Competitions in which you, the exhibitor, are eligible to participate. The Hand Quilted Quilt Competition has been in existence for some time, and newly revised is the Machine-Quilted Quilt/Wall Hanging Championship Competition.
At the Drumbo Fair, we are requested to judge a Grand Champion and a Reserve Grand Champion from all first and second prize eligible entries for both the Hand Quilted Quilts and the Machine-Quilted Quilt/Wall Hanging Competitions.
Grand Champions proceed to the fall District Competition and if successful, to the Provincial Championship selection at the OAAS Convention in February 2012. Grand prizes will be awarded to the respective Provincial Champions at the 2012 Convention.
If your entry wins Grand Champion at more than one Fair, the other Fairs at which your entry won should enter their Reserve Champion in the District Competition.
If you win Grand Champion at other than your own fair, or at more than one fair, you must consider the Agricultural Society nearest to your home address as the one from which your entry will be sent to the District Competition.
Should you win more than one Best of Show title with a different eligible quilt, or machine-quilted quilt/wall hanging, at different Fairs, you may enter each winning entry in the District Competition.
For further information contact Judi Meadows at 519-463-5463.

Selected OAAS Competition Requirements:

Hand Quilted Quilt:
-Minimum size of 324" or 810 cm. measured on the perimeter
-Solely made and hand quilted by exhibitor
-Winner's name and pattern to be displayed at the fair
-Upon making an entry into the competition, the exhibitor agrees to participate in any    promotional activities related to the competition.

Machine-Quilted Quilt-Wall Hanging:
-Entries to be measured on the perimeter. Total perimeter measurement to be a minimum of 192" or 480 cm. 
-Article may be square, rectangular, etc
-Solely made and machine-quilted by the exhibitor
-Must be machine-quilted on a short arm machine
-Article must have visible machine quilting
-Winner's name to be displayed at the fair
-Upon making an entry into the competition, the exhibitor agrees to participate in any promotional activities related to the competition

    Section 1st 2nd 3rd
    89-102 $10.00 $8.00 $6.00
    103-115 $6.00 $4.00 $3.00
    1. Quilt, pieced (judged on piecing only)
    2. Quilt, quilted by one person (judged on quilting)
    3. Quilt, embroidered
    4. Quilt, hand appliquéd
    5. Appliquéd quilt, top only
    6. Quilt, cross stitch design
    7. Quilt, sampler pattern
    8. Quilt, any other kind
    9. Quilt, machine pieced and machine quilted (long arm machines allowed)
    10. Quilt, quilted by a group, "Exhibitor's Choice" (names to be displayed on card with quilt)
    11. "My First Quilt", Hand Quilted, by a first time quilter, minimum 40"x80" Sponsored by Ann Baker.
    12. "My First Quilt", Machine Quilted (no long arm machines), by a first time quilter, minimum 40"x80"
    13. Quilt, practical, tied – any size
    14. Heirloom Quilt, any size, made prior to 1950, not necessarily the work of the exhibitor.Please attach short history of the quilt.  Sponsored by (late) Edith McLaren.

    15. Wall Hangings:
    16. Pieced, hand quilted, ready to hang
    17. Pre-printed panel, ready to hang
    18. Pieced, machine quilted, ready to hang (short arm only)

    19. Crib Quilts:
    20. Pre-printed panel, hand quilted
    21. Pieced and /or appliquéd, hand quilted
    22. Pieced and/or appliquéd, machine quilted (short arm only)

    23. Lap Quilts
    24. Hand quilted
    25. Machine quilted (short arm only)

    26. Other Quilted Items:
    27. Cushion
    28. Table runner
    29. Quilted vest or jacket
    30. Purse
    31. Any other quilted item


    Grand Champion Quilt, hand quilted - $20.00 and the Ethel Wettlaufer Trophy
    Reserve Grand Champion Quilt, Hand Quilted - $10.00
    Grand Champion, Machine-Quilted Quilt/Wall Hanging - $20.00 and the Margaret Currah Trophy
    Reserve Grand Champion, Machine-Quilted  Quilt/Wall Hanging- $10.00

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