Photography 2011

Class 84

Committee: Joan Stevenson (Chair) 519-463-5456, Bonnie Rounds


  1. Entries  will be received on Thursday between 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. and Friday between 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. and remain until 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.
  2. Open to anyone who is not a professional photographer. A professional photographer is anyone who earns more than 40% of their income from photography.
  3. All photos must be the exhibitor's own original work and must not have been displayed at Drumbo Fair before.
  4. Only one entry per exhibitor per numbered section.
  5. Photos may be taken with any camera, however no manipulation of photos, alteration or enhancements will be allowed. Exception: Sections 1-5 only.
  6. All photos to be suitably mounted on black or white Bristol board or similar material. Please no frames or glass.
  7. Please attach entry tag to lower right-hand corner of the mat.
  8. Identical photos/images may not be entered under different classes.
  9. Photo prints should not be date stamped.
  10. Print size to be about 4"x6" (10x16 cm) and no larger than 5"x7" (13x18 cm) unless otherwise stated.

  11. Prize List – Exceptions Noted Below
    Section 1st 2nd 3rd
    1-25 $3.50 $3.00 $2.75

Digital Enhanced

Digital before and after using manipulation or special effects - two photos required (before and after)

  1. Action
  2. Closeup
  3. Old Barn
  4. Ghostly Images
  5. Your Choice
  6. Most Points in sections 1-5 sponsored by Joan Stevenson - $5.00

    Coloured Photography

  7. Barn(s) - your interpretation
  8. Snow, Snow, Snow!
  9. A Tree in Blossom
  10. Closeup of a Single Rose
  11. At the Market
  12. Caught in the Act
  13. A Birdhouse
  14. Best use of Light
  15. Solar Energy
  16. Autumn Trees
  17. Interesting Cemetery Marker(s)
  18. Dominate Purple
  19. Your Choice
  20. Section 6-18 sponsored by Craig Baker

    Black and White Photography

  21. Reflections in the Water
  22. Transportation
  23. Winter Wonderland
  24. Forgotten Barns
  25. Unique Features
  26. Staircase
  27. Your Choice
  28. Section 19-25 sponsored by Craig Baker

    Most Points in sections 6-25 sponsored by Joan Stevenson - $5.00


    Champion Coloured Photo - $5.00
    Champion Black & White Photo - $5.00
    Sponsored by Joan Stevenson


  29. Coloured Photograph
    Print to be about 8"x10"
    Sponsored by Joan Stevenson - $5.00
  30. A Storyboard - Your Choice, but must tell a story. A collection of 3 photos, appoximately 4"x6", suitably mounted.
    Sponsored by John Morrison - $10.00
  31. Pre 1930 photos:
    1. Farm Machinery, at work
    2. Farm Animal
    3. Train Station
      Sponsored by Dennis and Linda Baker - $10.00
  32. People's Choice - 8"x10" (20x25 cm), suitably mounted. To be voted on by fairgoers. Balloting to close Saturday at 5 p.m.
    Sponsored by A Little Photo Lab & Studio, Paris - $10.00
  33. 160th Anniversary Special: Print taken at the 2010 fair to show how Drumbo Fair celebrated 160 Years. Print to be 5"x7" minimum to 8"x10" maximum, suitably mounted. - $10.00
    Enter your best pictures/images in the annual OAAS "Fair Photo Contest". Photos must be taken at this year's fair and submitted by non-professional photographers. For more detailed information refer to OAAS Photo Competion section in the Drumbo Fair Prize List or on the website.
    1. Donate Now Through! Click on the DONATE NOW button to make a credit card donation to the Drumbo Agricultural Society.  An immediate tax receipt will be issued electronically by the Canada Helps organization.