Baking, Canning, Etc.

Class 80

Committee: Jackie Rodger (Chair) 519-632-7500, Tillie Marshall, Maxine Hewitt, Marelene Perry


Entries close at 11:30 a.m. on the first day of the Fair and must be in place by 12:00 noon and remain until 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.
No mixes or commercial fillings allowed.
All Bread and Loaves to be in plastic bags. Pan size for Loaves approximately 23x13x7.5 cm or 9’x5”x3”.
All cupcake and muffin papers to be removed.
Place smaller items, i.e. muffins, cookies, tarts, etc. on appropriately sized paper plate inside a ziplock bag.
Cakes to be removed from pan; place on sturdy base.

Prize List
Section First Second Third
1 $5.00 $3.00 $2.50
2-29, 37-58 $4.00 $3.00 $2.50
30-36 Refer to each section


    Yeast Breads and Rolls

  1. Loaf of White Bread made in bread maker
  2. Loaves, Muffins and Tarts

  3. Banana Loaf, no artificial flavouring
  4. Lemon Loaf
  5. Display of 3 varieties of Muffins, 2 each
  6. Apple Muffins, 2
  7. Carrot Muffins, 2
  8. Scones, 3
  9. Tea Biscuits 3
  10. Butter Tarts, 5
  11. Cookies and Squares

  12. Sheep shaped cookies on plate, 3
  13. Chocolate Chip Cookies, baked, any kind, 6
  14. Peanut Butter Cookies, 6
  15. Date filled Oatmeal Cookies, 3
  16. Unbaked Squares, 3
  17. Unbaked Cookies, 3
  18. Brownies, 5
  19. Date Squares, 3
  20. Pies

    One Piece Only (except in Section 34)

  21. Apple Pie
  22. Peach Pie (not custard)
  23. Elderberry Pie
  24. Strawberry/Rhubarb Pie
  25. Cakes and Cupcakes

  26. Coffee Cake
  27. Chocolate Cupcakes, iced, 3
  28. Candy and Snacks

  29. Chocolate Fudge, plain, 5, 1” pieces
  30. Divinity Fudge, 5 pieces
  31. Almond Bark, 5 pieces
  32. Nuts & Bolts Mix, 1 litre
  33. Miscellaneous

  34. Popcorn Balls on plate, 3
  35. Fresh Fruit Salad, 1 serving

    (Organizations not eligible to enter specials)

  37. Afternoon “Tea for Two’. Sponsored by Blenheim Dumfries Farm Women’s Club. Judged on presentation only. 1st -$10.00; 2nd-$6.00; 3rd-$4.00
  38. One Layer Carrot Cake, iced. Sponsored by Robert Jones Insurance. 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$3.00; 3rd-$2.00
  39. Any variety of Bread made in breadmaker. Sponsored by Ash Lawn Farm. 1st, $6.00; 2nd, $5.00; 3rd, $4.00
  40. Muffins, made using honey, 5, recipe to be attached. Sponsored by Honey House Apiaries, Plattsville. 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize of Honey
  41. Best Double Crust Apple Pie. Sponsored by Baker Sheet Metal Ltd. First prize retained by donor. 1st-$10.00; 2nd,-$6.00; 3rd-$4.00.
  42. Six Decorated Cupcakes on plate - decorated as sheep theme.  Sponsored by Jackie Rodger. 1st-$10.00; 2nd-$6.00; 3rd-$4.00
  43. 60% Whole Wheat Bread Competition. Full loaf of bread to be entered. Include recipe. Winner of this class is eligible to enter the district competition. Pan size: 2OxlOx7cm to 23x13x7.5 cm (8x4x2.5” to 9x5x3”). 1st-$6.00; 2nd-$4.00; 3rd-$3.00

    Fasten entry tag securely on each jar with an elastic or string.

    Canned Fruits

    (pint or 500 ml jars - sealed)

  45. Peaches
  46. Pears
  47. Applesauce
  48. Plums
  49. Jams, Jellies and Marmalade

    (6 to 9 oz. or 250 ml jars - sealed)

  50. Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam, cooked
  51. Raspberry Jam, cooked
  52. Strawberry Jam, freezer
  53. Peach Jam, freezer
  54. Peach Jam
  55. Marmalade
  56. Crab-Apple Jelly
  57. Grape Jelly
  58. Pickles and Relishes

    (pint or 500 ml jars - sealed)

  59. Beets, Pickled
  60. Pickled Baby Corn
  61. Dill Pickles
  62. Nine Day Sweet Pickles
  63. Bread & Butter Pickles
  64. Any Other Pickles, named
  65. Mustard Pickles
  66. Hot Dog Relish
  67. Chili Sauce
  68. Salsa

CHAMPION: Most Points in Class 80. Prize of $25.00 to the Exhibitor with the most points in Baking and Canning (must enter 10 entries). 2007 winner not eligible.
Sponsored by Edna Pipe.

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