Class 77

Committee: Susan Elmes (Chair) 519-632-7021, Eleanor Peart, Marg Verkuil

ENTRY DATES AND TIMES: Entries will be received on Thursday from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. and remain in place until 4:30 pm on Sunday.

Please refer to the General Rules and Regulations . All exhibitors must have a 2013 Membership.



1st 2nd 3rd
1-35 $3.00 $2.50 $2.00
36 $5.00
37-43 $4.00 $3.00 $2.00
44-60 $2.50 $2.00 $1.75


Sponsored by the Drumbo Agricultural Society

Flowers, Amateur, Section 1-36 must be grown by exhibitor. Buds showing colour count as a bloom.


  1. Asters, 5 blooms
  2. Canna, 1 stem
  3. Coleus, one variety
  4. Coleus, 3 different varieties
  5. Coneflower, 3 blooms
  6. Cornflowers, 5 blooms
  7. Cosmos
  8. Dahlia, cactus, best bloom
  9. Dahlia, collection of blooms
  10. Geranium, 1 bloom
  11. Geranium, 3 blooms, assorted colours
  12. Gladioli, 1 spike
  13. Grass, Ornamental, 3 stems
  14. Hosta,1 variety, 3 leaves
  15. Hosta, 3 varieties, one leaf of each
  16. Hydrangea, 1 large head
  17. Impatiens, one colour
  18. Impatiens, assorted colours
  19. Marigold, small, 5 blooms
  20. Marigold, large, 3 blooms
  21. Nasturtiums
  22. Pansies
  23. Petunias, single
  24. Petunias, double
  25. Petunias, wave variety
  26. Phlox, 3 stems
  27. Rose, single bloom
  28. "Only a Rose", 1 bloom floating in a suitable container
  29. Rudbeckia, 3 blooms
  30. Salvia, 3 spikes
  31. Sedum, 3 stems, one variety
  32. Sedum, 3 varieties, one stem of each
  33. Zinnia, large, over 4", 3 blooms
  34. Zinnia, small,under 4", 5 blooms
  35. "Floating Flower", single bloom of any variety floating in a suitable container
  36. Special: 6" to 8" Dahlia Bloom.
    In memory of Dorothy Elmes, by Cathy Bechard - $5.00 first prize only
  37. The Dorothy Elmes Cut Flowers Special for the Exhibitor winning the most points in Sections 1 to 35, by Eileen & Martin Hartig - $10.00


    Sponsored by the Drumbo Agricultural Society

    Flowers used in the Floral Design, Sections 37-43 may be either grown by the exhibitor or acquired from any other source, i.e. florist.


  38. "Udderly Amazing" - accessories may be used.
  39. "Where did all the Flowers Go?" - fresh arrangement with no flowers.
  40. "Bouquet Garni" - an arrangement made of herbs.
  41. "A Walk in the Country" - wild flowers, weeds and coloured leaves in a unique container.
  42. "Tea Time" - an arrangement in a cup and saucer.
  43. "They Grow on and on..." - an arrangement of perennials, including at least 5 different varieties.
  44. "Harvest Moon" - an arrangement using seasonal flowers, corn and/or grains.
  45. The Rita Clark Floral Design Special for the Exhibitor winning the most points in Sections 37 to 43, by Drumbo Agricultural Society - $10.00


    Sponsored by Mountview Landscaping

    (Must be potted at least 1 month before fair)


  46. African Violet
  47. Baby Tears
  48. Begonia, any variety
  49. Coleus
  50. Dish Garden - Cacti or succulent, at least 3 varieties, accessories may be used
  51. Geranium in Bloom
  52. Herb Garden, collection of herbs, named
  53. Houseplant in bloom, any other variety, named
  54. Houseplant, green, any other variety, named
  55. Orchid

    Sponsored by Mountview Landscaping


  57. Collection of Annuals in a Planter
  58. Boston Fern in a hanging basket
  59. Fushia in a hanging basket
  60. Spider Plant in a hanging basket
  61. Impatiens in a hanging basket 
  62. Wave Petunias in a hanging basket or planter
  63. "Your Choice!", Planter with any other varieties of plants and flowers

"JUDGE'S CHOICE" -  $5.00 and a Rosette

to the best entry in each of the following divisions:

-Cut Flowers
-Floral Design
-House Plants
In memory of Anna Elmes, donated by Eileen and Martin Hartig

CHAMPION in Class 77 Plants and Flowers

$20.00 Gift Certificate from McCORMICK FLORIST, PARIS, will be awarded to the exhibitor with most points in Plants and Flowers.

$10.00 Gift Certificate from STOKES SEEDS will be awarded to the exhibitor with 2nd most points in Plants and Flowers.

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