Class P - Photography

Open to Grades 3 to 8 only based on grade as of June 1, 2008

Pictures must have been taken by EXHIBITOR within the past 2 years. No enlargements please. All photographs must be mounted on stiff paper or thin cardboard. Entry tag to be placed on the Upper Right Hand corner.

Class P  First  Second  Third  Fourth 
Section 1-6  $2.00  $1.50 $1.00  $.50 
Section 7-11  $3.00  $2.00  $1.00   


Single Print in Colour

  1. A Humorous Photo
  2. My Best Friend
  3. Sheep or Lamb(s)
  4. Is My Face Dirty?
  5. Sunrise or Sunset
  6. Action Photo - your choice
  7. Class P - Specials

  8. "Wet 'n' Wild" - Pictures from the Pool or Beach - 3 prints
  9. Pets - 3 prints
  10. Special Occasion - your choice - 3 prints
  11. My Family - 3 prints

Class B - Baking

Open to  Kindergarten to Grade 8 based on your grade as of June 1, 2008
All baking must be on a disposable plate and in a plastic Ziploc bag.

Class P  First  Second  Third  Fourth 
Section 1-6  $2.00  $1.50 $1.00  $.50 
Section 7-9  $3.00  $2.00  $1.00   

Sponsored by:

  1. No Bake Squares (3), your choice of Recipe
  2. Homemade Nuts & Bolts - in a Ziploc Bag
  3. Decorated cookie - cookie may be purchased. Decorate as a sunflower
  4. Cupcakes (3) decorated for a Birthday
  5. Homemade Oatmeal Cookies - (3)
  6. Create a sheep using marshmallows. Glue, toothpicks and accessories may be used

  7. Class B - Specials

  8. Cookie ingredients in a jar. Attach recipe
  9. "The Ugliest Cake" - Single layer cake from mix. Use your imagination to create an 'ugly cake'. Must be edible. Decorations not to overflow off the plate base.
  10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Special - Open to youth ages 10-15 years (as of December 31, 2008) 6 cookies, no larger than 3" and no smaller than 2" on a plate. NOTE: Winner of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Special is eligible to enter the District Competition and if successful, compete at the Provincial Competition in Toronto for grand prizes.

Class SP - Specials

Open to Kindergarten to Grade 8 based on your grade as of June 1, 2008

Class SP  First  Second  Third 
Section 1-11 $5.00  $4.00 $3.00 

  1. My very own collection - 5 to 10 items in a container. Sponsored by Dalrymple Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  2. An antique household item, identify and provide a short description of its use. Sponsored by Princeton and District Museum.
  3. The ABC's of the fair - I.e. A is for animals, B is for ___, etc. Only one word per alphabet letter. Sponsored by the Ayr News
  4. A handmade Christmas Wreath. Sponsored by Global Village Women
  5. Beach bag filled with items for a Day at the Beach. Sponsored by Drumbo School Council
  6. Make a Stained Glass Cross using black construction paper and colourful tissue paper. Sponsored by St Francis Catholic School Parent Council
  7. Interview a grandparent about their childhood. Include photo. Sponsored by Oxford Branch Ontario Genealogical Society
  8. "If I were Boss of the World" - List 10 things that you would do. Sponsored by Princeton School Council
  9. A school project of which you are proud. Sponsored by Grant McLaren
  10. Largest ball of wool. Sponsored by Susan Elmes
  11. Hand decorated t-shirt or sweatshirt. Sponsored by Elaine Campbell


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