Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies

(OAAS) Digital/Photo/Competition 


Open to anyone taking pictures at our 2017 Fair.

There is NO entry fee for this competition



  1. To help publicize the activities of all Agricultural Society Fairs in the OAAS.
  2. To create real pride in the creation of well-kept grounds and buildings.
  3. To encourage more attractive staging of exhibitions and displays.
  4. To educate and provide a source of pride in a community’s development.
  5. To communicate new ideas to other Fairs.
  6. To establish an up to-date library of images for OAAS promotions.


  1. No professional photographers permitted.
  2. No digital image enhancing allowed.
  3. The first place digital image or photo of each category from Drumbo Fair will be submitted to the OAAS for competition.
  4. All images/photos must be taken at the 2017 Drumbo Fair.
  5. Winners of each category will be announced at the annual OAAS Convention held in Toronto in February.
  6. Prize money will be mailed out following the 2018 Convention.
  7. All 1st place images will become the property of the OAAS.
  8. Full contest rules may be obtained from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or from Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies.
  9. Submit entries to Secretary, Drumbo Agricultural Society  PO Box 37, Drumbo, ON N0J 1G0 by November 01, 2017.

Prize money is awarded at the OAAS level only.
1st: $20, 2nd: $16, 3rd: $12, 4th: $7, 5th: $5
Categories for Digital Images. Note: Digital images may be submitted on a CD or printed 4”x6”.


  1. Youth Participation – i.e. exhibit/display/ribbons won, etc
  2. Adult/Senior involvement – i.e. working/displays/enjoying
  3. Candid shot of people having fun at Drumbo Fair
  4. Candid shot of someone too pooped to participate anymore
  5. Children at your fair.
  6. People with creatures and critters at your fair.


  1. Most unusual Display at Drumbo Fair – your idea
  2. 4-H Involvement - i.e. livestock/displays
  3. Homecraft – i.e. displays/demonstrations, etc
  4. Live Action Shows – singers/pulls/demo’s/demolition/something musical 
  5. Quilts/Handicrafts at the Fair - from your viewpoint
  6. Displays of Antiques


  1. Livestock – i.e. displays/shows/demo’s
  2. Pet Show – your interpretation of what you see
  3. Live Demo’s - i.e. blacksmith/sheep sheering, etc
  4. Birds/ Small Animals i.e. bird show/rabbits, etc


  1. Showing Fair Identification – i.e. displays/ribbons, etc
  2. Fair Ambassador Involvement – i.e. displays/ribbons, etc
  3. What is this year’s fair theme? – i.e. displays/signs, etc
  4. Advertising Your Fair - i.e. photo showing a fair sign constructed of Agricultural Products showing the Fair and the Date – i.e. store window/store front/ lawn display/field display, etc.
  5. Something "new" this year at your fair.