Handicrafts and Hobbies 2022

Judi Meadows (Chair) 519-463-5463

ENTRY DATES and TIMES - All entries must be made online at www.drumbofair.comby Saturday, September 17, 2022. White entry tags must be attached before bringing items to the fairgrounds. Entries will be received on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 between 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. and remain n place until 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.


  2. Exhibits must not have been entered before at Drumbo Fair.
  3. Judges of this class are authorized by the directors of the Society to disqualify all old, soiled and defaced work, and instructed to award prizes to new and up-to-date work. In case of no competition, unless the work is worthy, the prize money will be withheld.
  4. All pictures must be ready to hang.
  5. Organizations Showing a Display Must Enter in the Open Classes.
  6. Attach entry tags to entries.


Section 1st 2nd 3rd
1-43 $4.00 $3.00 $2.00
44 $6.00 $5.00 $4.00
45-55 $4.00 $3.00 $2.00






1. Handicrafts


  1. An article displaying counted cross stitch
  2. Fabric shopping bag
  3. Decorator cushion
  4. Any hand woven article
  5. Rug - any medium
  6. Rug - hand hooked
  7. Article of hand hooking (not a rug)
  8. Handmade article of jewellery
  9. Any decorative item hand-crafted, for your home
  10. Trash to Treasure - useful
  11. Placemats (2)
  12. Pot holders (2)
  13. Any article completed with a needle & thread that incorporates beads and/or sequins
  14. Embroidered pillowcases (2)
Most Points Handicrafts by Mary Maxim - $25.00 Gift Certificate

2. Hobbies


  1. Exhibitor's choice (one page)

COLOURING BOOK - (one page, mounted with 1" border)

  1. Floral
  2. Birds
  3. Landscape
  4. Any theme not listed

"GRANDMA'S CLOSET" - (not new work)

  1. Tablecloth - embroidered
  2. Tablecloth - knit or crochet
  3. Dresser runner
  4. Tatted item
  5. Lady's scarf - crochet, knit or tat
  6. Hat

3. Special Days

Special Days sponsored by Joyce Strickler

CARDS Cards must include greeting inside

  1. Baby
  2. Birthday
  3. Wedding

NOTE CARDS blank inside

  1. Get well
  2. Thinking of you
  3. Mother's day

TABLE CENTRE - Artificial materials only

  1. Fall theme
  2. Table runner
  3. Christmas


  1. Easter
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Christmas
MOST POINTS in Special Days by Dennis and Linda Baker - $15.00
  1. A "Welcome Basket or Box" filled with non-perishable items. All entries to be donated to Domestic Abuse Services, Oxford (DASO). Prizes: 1st, $6.00; 2nd, $5.00; 3rd, $4.00 and $3.00 to all other entries.Sponsored in memory of Jean Shoemaker by her family.

4. Machine Sewing

  1. Purse
  2. Pyjama bottoms
  3. Any sewn garment

5. Golden Age (65 plus)

  1. Hand knit socks
  2. Hand knit mitts
  3. Hostess gift, handmade
  4. Hand made poncho or cape
  5. Cup and saucer bird feeder
  6. Handmade toy (not wooden)
  7. Embroidered article

MOST POINTS in GOLDEN AGE (65 plus) by Len's Mill Store - $25.00 Gift Card

6. Knitting and Crocheting

Class sponsored in memory of Gladys Kyle by her family

  1. Afghan, any pattern (no larger than 60" x 72") Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3. 1st place also receives $25 gift card donated by Len's Mill Store.
  2. Lap or baby blanket Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3
  3. Lady’s sweater Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3
  4. Man's sweater Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3
  5. Child's sweater
  6. Summer weight top
  7. Chemo hat - Use vibrant colours. Pattern of your own choosing.All entries will be donated to Woodstock Hospital, Chemo unit. Prizes: 1st: $5, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3, all others $2. 1st place also receives $25 gift card donated by Len's Mill Store
  8. Adult's socks
  9. Socks - natural striping yarn
  10. Child's mitts
  11. Child's socks
  12. Slippers
  13. Novelty scarf
  14. Texting mitts
  15. Toque
  16. Newborn's toque - All entries will be donated to a local hospital. Prizes: 1st: $5, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3, all others $2. 1st place also receives $25 gift card donated by Len's Mill Store
  17. Tea towel - with crocheted or knitted trim
  18. Dish cloth
  19. Bulky yarn article
  20. Specialty yarn item
Most Points in Knitting - by Len's Mill Store - $25.00 Gift Card

JUDGE'S CHOICE for most creative knitted or crocheted entry -in memory of Gladys Kyle by her family - rosette and $10.00.

7. Quilts

RULES for all quilting classes:

  1. Attach entry tag with safety pin
  2. Machine quilting may be long or short arm
  3. Read measurement size required

RULES for classes 1-4

  1. Quilts may be made by 2 people
  2. Minimum perimeter size is 260"
  3. Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3 unless otherwise noted


Prizes (classes 1-4) 1st: $10, 2nd: $8, $3: $6. Best Quilt also recieves $25 Gift Card - Len's Mill Store

  1. Quilt, machine pieced, hand quilted
  2. Quilt, machine pieced, machine quilted
  3. Quilt, hand appliquéd
  4. Quilt, any other kind


Maximum size 192" measured on the perimeter

  1. Pieced, hand quilted, ready to hang
  2. Pieced, machine quilted, ready to hang


Maximum size 64" measured on the perimeter

  1. Quilt, machine or hand quilted


Minimum size 140" on the perimeter

  1. Pre-printed panel, hand quilted
  2. Pre-printed panel, machine quilted
  3. Pieced and/or appliquéd, hand quilted
  4. Pieced and/or appliquéd, machine quilted


Maximum size 240" measured on the perimeter

  1. Quilt, machine or hand quilted


Minimum size 160" to a maximum of 260" measured on the perimeter

  1. Hand quilted
  2. Machine quilted


  1. Machine or hand quilted pre-printed panel. 1st place also receives $25 Gift Card Len's Mill Store


Note to Judge: Homecraft judging standards for Ontario Fairs do not apply to this category.

An Art Quilt for purposes of this competition will be defined as a creative visual work that is layered and stitched. Any technique(s), predominantly fibre, any shape, suitable for hanging. On a piece of paper, attached on the back, briefly describe materials / techniques / theme or inspiration used in your creation.

  1. Wall hanging, original composition under perimeter 100"
  2. Wall hanging, original composition over perimeter 100"
  3. Wall hanging, fused or raw edge appliquéd, commercial pattern may be used.


A Community Outreach Project. Maximum size 144" measured on the perimeter. Quilt to be square.

  1. Tactile/fidget quilt - Include different textures such as fake fur, satin, zippers, buttons, pockets, etc.

ALL Tactile quilts will be donated to those with dementia and Alzheimer diseases living in residences in Oxford County. Please consider making a quilt for this very worthwhile project. Sponsored by Elaine Campbell. Prizes: 1st: $10 and $25 Gift Card Len's Mill Store, 2nd: $8, 3rd: $6, others: $5


  1. Doll Quilt
  2. Table Runner
  3. Embroidered quilt block
  4. Purse
  5. Placemats (2)
  6. Potholders (2)
  7. Christmas tree skirt


Prizes: 1st: $25, 2nd: $15, 3rd: $10. 1st also receives $25 Gift Card for Len's Mill Store

  1. Hand Quilted Quilt:
    -Minimum size of 324" measured on the perimeter
    -Solely made and hand quilted by exhibitor
    -Name of pattern must be attached
    -Winning quilt will proceed to District competition in November
  2. Machine-Quilted Quilt:
    -Minimum size of 324" measured on the perimeter
    -Article may be square, rectangular, etc
    -Solely made and machine-quilted by the exhibitor (using short or long arm machine)
    -Name of pattern must be attached
    -Article must have visible machine quilting
    -Winning quilt will proceed to District competition in November

8. Woodworking

Prizes: 1st: $7, 2nd: $5, 3rd: $4

  1. Quilt rack
  2. Item turned on a lathe
  3. Bird or duck decoy - painted or unpainted
  4. Functional item
  5. Decorative item
  6. Toy or game
  7. Any article not listed

"JUDGE'S CHOICE" for the most creative woodworking entry. In memory of Rupert Elmes. Donated by Martin & Eileen Hartig. $10.00 and rosette.

9. Outdoor Items

Must be made by exhibitor

Prizes: 1st: $5, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3

  1. Decorative fence post
  2. Bird house
  3. Outdoor feeder
  4. Garden ornament
  5. Welcome sign
  6. Any item not listed

10. Collections

Prizes: 1st: $15, 2nd: $10, 3rd: $5

  1. Hobby collectionNot to exceed 3' of table space.

11. Displays

  1. Open to any organization. Approximately 4' allotted for each display. Tell us about your organization - and what it does in the community. The name of the organization must be included. Each display will receive $25.00. No deductions but the organization must enter in the Open Classes.
  2. Open to any youth organization in Blandford-Blenheim Township or townships bordering same. Each club will be given $25.00. The club's display must also include their name.

4-H Special Class

  1. Ontario Fruits and Vegetables - Display at least 8 varieties using any medium. Could include produce arranged in suitable container, pictures/photos on Bristol board or a painting are examples of ideas. Be creative!

Prizes 1st, $15; 2nd, $12; 3rd, $10; 4th, $8; 5th, $5

Sponsored by Oxford County 4-H Association