Sunday, September 24, 2023

Judging starts 11:30 a.m.

Committee: Jan McLaren (Chair) 519-463-5426

Pet Show is sponsored by McNeil Veterinary Mobile Services, Drumbo

Register your pet between 11:00 - 11:30 on day of show in the pet registration area on verandah of Agricultural Hall. You do NOT need to pre-register.
  • Pet show open to children age 14 years and under
  • All pets must be properly leashed or caged
  • All dogs and cats must have full vaccinations and be wearing a collar
  • Children to show their pets unassisted by an adult, however, each child and their pet must be under adult supervision

 Prizes:  Class 1: 1st: $10, 2nd: 6, 3rd: $4.  All other classes: 1st: $4, 2nd: $3, 3rd: $2

All Pets

  1. Best dressed Owner/Pet Combination.


  1. Cat with shortest tail
  2. Biggest cat
  3. Fluffiest cat
  4. Cat with Longest Tail
  5. Most Colourful cat
  6. Cat with the longest whiskers


  1. Tallest dog (ground to shoulder)
  2. Shortest dog (ground to shoulder)
  3. Longest ears
  4. Dog with the biggest paws
  5. Most unique trick
  6. Dog with the most enthusiastic tail wag
  7. Dog with the loudest bark


  1. Best Dwarf Rabbit
  2. Most Colourful Rabbit
  3. Fluffiest Rabbit
  4. Largest Rabbit

Hamsters/Gerbils/Guinea Pigs

  1. Most colourful Guinea Pig
  2. Best matched pair of same animal