COMMITTEE: Linda Clare (chair 519-463-5280)





ALL entries must be completed online or on printed forms filled out and signed by the exhibitor. Printed forms must be received by midnight Sunday, September 17 .


ENTRIES CLOSE  midnight Sunday, September 17, 2023.

BRING EXHIBITS on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 between 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm to the Drumbo & District Heritage Museum at the fairgrounds. White entry tags to be attached before bringing items to the fairgrounds.

REMOVE EXHIBITS on Sunday, September 24, 2023 between 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Sponsors: Classes 1-10 Drumbo & District Heritage Society; 11-20 Judi Meadows & Neal Eedy; 21-23 Linda Baker in memory of Dennis Baker; 25-29 Phil Harmer & Janet Harmer in memory of their parents, Ray & Esther Harmer; 24 & 30 Linda Clare in memory of her parents Stan & Evelyn Johnson.


  1. Antiques must be at least 75 years old (pre 1948)
  2. Nostalgia items in the  1950 - 1993 era  unless othewise stated.
  3. Exhibitors must own the article exhibited. Historical interest and approximate age of item appreciated.
  4. Items will be judged on age and condition.
  5. Items must not have been exhibited before at Drumbo Fair.
  6. Articles will be removed from display area only by DAS Directors.

NOTE: We will do our best to return all entries in the condition in which you brought them. However, all antiques are exhibited at the owner's risk.

Prizes: 1st: $5.00, 2nd: $4.00, 3rd: $3.50, Stumper: $3.00 each entry.

 ANTIQUES (pre 1948) - Section "A"
  1. A knitting or crochet pattern
  2. Oldest tractor or farm machinery manual
  3. Board game in original box
  4. Item from California Perfume Company or Avon (as it is now known as)
  5. Child's story book
  6. Item  commemorating the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Phillip Mountbatten
  7. Cup and saucer
  8. Item of advertising from a local business
  9. Oldest postcard
  10. Dough bowl
  11. Music box
  12. Car head lamp
  13. Item from the Drumbo Lawn Bowling Club
  14. Souvenir from the Toronto Exhibition
  15. Bread Box
  16. Item of Bakelite jewellery
  17. Charm bracelet
  18. Hand mixer
  19. Automobile photo - with details
  20. Lady's hankie
  21. Embroidered apron
  22. Mantel clock
  23. School class picture, pre-1945, names appreciated
  24. A Stumper" - What is it? Stump the Judge! Identify the article and its use and place answer in attached envelope.
NOSTALGIA (1950-1993) - Section "N"
  1. RCMP souvenir
  2. Wrestlemania figure
  3. Themed t-shirt
  4. Cookie jar
  5. Dinky cars - collection of 3
  6. "In the Kitchen" - 3 kitchen items - circa 1950 only.
Fairs from the Past

Help us showcase our fair's history by loaning memorabilia for display over fair weekend. Items could include old ribbons, prize lists, photos, trophies, etc. Bring items to the Drumbo & District Heritage Museum Wednesday, September 20 between 4:00-8:00-pm and pickup on Sunday, September 24 between 4:30-5:30. (Non competition, no membership required, no prize money)