COMMITTEE: Susan Elmes (Chair) 226-899-2622, Carolyn Mullins and Audrey Baldwin






ENTRIES Complete entries online using above link. Entry forms may be printed and submitted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Entries must be received by midnight Sunday, September 15.


ENTRIES CLOSE: Register your entries by midnight Sunday, September 15, 2024.

BRING EXHIBITS: On Wednesday, September 18, 2024 between 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm bring exhibits to the Big Tent at the fairgrounds. White entry tags to be attached before bringing items to the fairgrounds. Pay $12 membership at this time and pick up your one day pass.

REMOVE EXHIBITS: Sunday, September 22, 2024 between 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Prize money cheques to be picked up at this time.

Prizes: 1st: $4.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd: $2.00. Exception class 36

CUT FLOWERS - Section "CF"


  • All cut flowers must have been grown by exhibitor.
  • Bloom is defined as an individual flower, one to a stem, no buds.
  • Spray is a portion of a plant with multiple blooms.
  • Stem has one or more blooms or buds.


  1. Asters, 5 blooms
  2. Canna, 1 stem
  3. Coleus, 3 stems
  4. Cosmos, 5 blooms
  5. Chrysanthemums, 3 sprays
  6. Dahlia, 1 bloom
  7. Dahlia, 5 blooms
  8. Dusty Miller - 1 stem
  9. Geranium, 1 bloom
  10. Gladioli, 1 spike
  11. Grass, ornamental, 3 stems
  12. Hosta, 1 variety, 3 leaves, plain. Under 6", measured from stem to tip of leaf
  13. Hosta, 1 variety, 3 leaves, variegated. Under 6", measured from stem to tip of leaf
  14. Hosta, 1 variety, 3 leaves, plain, 6" and over, measured from stem to tip of leaf
  15. Hosta, 1 variety, 3 leaves, variegated, 6" and over, stem to tip of leaf
  16. Hosta collection, 3 varieties, any size leaves, one leaf of each
  17. Hydrangea, 1 bloom of cone type, any variety, any colour
  18. Hydrangea, 1 bloom of any other type (not cone), any variety, any colour
  19. Marigold, 3 blooms, any variety, large or small
  20. Nasturtiums, 3 stems with foliage
  21. Petunias, single, 3 stems
  22. Phlox, 3 stems
  23. Rose, single bloom, with stem, foliage optional
  24. "Only a Rose", 1 bloom floating in a container, no foliage
  25. Rudbeckia - "Black-eyed Susan", 5 blooms
  26. Salvia, 3 spikes
  27. Sedum, 3 sprays, one variety
  28. Sedum, 3 sprays, may or may not be a different variety
  29. Sunflower, small, 6" or under, 1 bloom
  30. Zinnia, large, over 4", 3 blooms
  31. Zinnia, small, under 4", 5 blooms
  32. "Floating Flower", single bloom of any variety floating in a suitable container
  33. "Precious Pink", a pink bloom of any variety of flower
  34. Any other kind of annual, not listed, one variety, 3 blooms, spikes or sprays
  35. Any other kind of perennial not listed, one variety, 3 blooms, spikes or sprays
  36. Special: 6" to 8" Dahlia Bloom.
    In memory of Dorothy Elmes, by Cathy Bechard - $5.00 first prize only

The Dorothy Elmes Cut Flowers Special for the Exhibitor winning the most points in Sections 1 to 35, by Eileen & Martin Hartig - $10.00


Sponsored by Joyce Strickler


  • Flowers do not have to be grown by exhibitor.
  • Fresh flowers to be used in arrangement unless otherwise stated.
  • Accessories allowed unless otherwise stated. 
  • Accessories must be attached very securely as arrangements will be moved.


  1. "Canada Wins Gold" - arrangement celebrating the 2024 Paris Olympics.
  2. "Where did all the Flowers Go?" - fresh arrangement with no flowers.
  3. "A Walk in the Country" - an arrangement using, but not limited to wild flowers, weeds, pine cones, cattails, etc. 
  4. "Small Wonder" - a small arrangement size 5.5" to 10", not exceeding 10" in any direction including the container.
  5. "Time Marches On" - an arrangement including an accessory that keeps time (watch, clock, sundial, etc.)
  6. "Teddy Bear Picnic" - an arrangement including accessories that depicts the Teddy Bear Picnic song, "If you go into the woods today, you may get a big surprise..."
  7. "Whatever the Weather", a colourful arrangement depicting any kind of weather - sunny and/or snowy and/or rainy days, accessories may be used.

The Rita Clark Floral Design Special for the Exhibitor winning the most points in Sections 37 to 43, by Drumbo Agricultural Society - $10.00


Sponsored by Mountview Landscaping


Entries must have been grown in the pots that they are shown in and must have been the property of the exhibitor for at least 3 months.

Tips for Grooming Potted Plants. A clean and well groomed plant makes a better exhibit.

  • Remove evidence of insects, disease, stains or pollen from leaves or blooms
  • Remove dead leaves from plant
  • Remove debris from soil surface
  • Use a clean container


  1. Christmas Cactus, does not have to be in bloom
  2. Begonia, any variety
  3. Any variety of ivy
  4. Coleus
  5. Sansevieria/Snake plant
  6. Dish Garden - Cacti or succulent, at least 3 varieties, accessories may be used
  7. Fairy Garden, in a 9" x 13" tray, with accessories
  8. Herb Garden, collection of herbs, named
  9. Houseplant in bloom, any other variety, named
  10. Houseplant, green, any other variety, named

Sponsored by Mountview Landscaping


  1. Collection of Annuals in a planter or hanging basket
  2. Boston Fern in a hanging basket
  3. Spider Plant in a hanging basket
  4. Geranium in Bloom in a planter or hanging basket
  5. "Your Choice!", planter with any other varieties of plants, at least 2 different types of plants
"JUDGE'S CHOICE" - $5.00 and a Rosette

to the best entry in each of the following divisions:

-Cut Flowers
-Floral Design
-House Plants
In memory of Anna Elmes, donated by Eileen and Martin Hartig

CHAMPION in  Plants and Flowers

$25.00 Gift Certificate from Walter's Greenhouses and Garden Centre, Paris, will be awarded to the exhibitor with most points in Plants and Flowers.